Schaeffer Library Art Program


Exhibitions, residencies and events drawing on the unique collection of the Schaeffer Fine Arts Library.

The Schaeffer Fine Arts Library is one of the leading art libraries in Australia. Housed at the University of Sydney and supported by the Power Institute, this specialist reference-only library is open on weekdays to students and the public.

The Schaeffer Library Art Program seeks to open the Library up to new eyes and new paths of research by way of exhibitions, events and artist residency programs, working with the expert staff of the University of Sydney's Art History discipline to showcase the Library's remarkable collection.

This program is lead by the Schaeffer Fine Arts Library Senior Librarian, M. Sajid Foazdar. 


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Roger Benjamin

Matisse: Minotaure to Verve

1 March 2024, 10:00AM
Schaeffer Library

An exhibition of treasures from the Schaeffer Fine Arts Library collection, curated by Roger Benjamin. On view from March to April 2024.


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Roger Benjamin

Roger Benjamin (Professor of Art History, U of Sydney) has written and lectured on Matisse throughout his career, beginning with his Bryn Mawr PhD (Matisse’s ‘Notes of a Painter’: Criticism, Theory and Context, Ann Arbor 1987).  He co-curated QAG’s touring retrospective Matisse of 1995 before turning to questions of European Orientalism. His most recent publication on the Frenchman was “Matisse at the Senya el Hashti” in The Art Bulletin for 2019.