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The Womanifesto Way

A publishing project exploring the history of Womanifesto, the first feminist Southeast Asia-based international art biennial founded by Varsha Nair, Phaptawan Suwannukudt and Nitaya Tuk.

Karla Sachse and Khun Pikul, Womanifesto Workshop, Boon Bandarn Farm, Kantharaluk, Thailand, 2001. Photograph by Varsha Nair; image courtesy of Womanifesto and Asia Art Archive.


A title screen reading "Photography Falls Apart"

Photography Falls Apart

A series of panel discussions about the practice and conditions of photography today.

Image Complex: A lecture series about art, visuality and power

Image Complex 2023

A series of online and in-person lectures on the structures, practices and institutions that shape life in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. 

Convened by Nick Croggon, and co-presented by the Power Institute and the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia.


Kānawāpātahmōwin: Indigenous Visual Knowledge

Kānawāpātahmōwin: Indigenous Visual Knowledge

A series of conversations with Indigenous artists, academics, activists, and community members from the global Arctic, North America, and Australia to discuss the concept of Indigenous Visual Knowledge.

Sydney Asian Art Series.

Sydney Asian Art Series 2023

A series bringing together researchers from across the world to share their work on critical issues in early, modern and contemporary Asian art.

In 2023, the series focus is on collection, as part of a broader three-year investigation entitled "Cura".