A painting showing a collection of white abstract shapes against a light green background

We organise regular lectures, seminars and workshops, as part of our mission to foster and promote the best ideas in art and visual culture. Some of our events are part of our broader programs, while others are stand-alone. 

JW Power, Marine, Chau Chak Wing Museum, PW1961.31.

Since its earliest days, the Power Institute has been host to events that have shaped Australia's artistic and intellectual climate. Our objective is to connect Australian art practitioners, researchers and workers, as well as the general public, to the latest ideas and debates concerning art and visual culture from Australia and the world.

All our events are free, and open to all.

Our events are often part of a broader research Program, which you can also explore here.

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Jacques Derrida in converation with Terry Smith at the Sydney Town Hall, 2001. Photo by Anne Zahalka